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Where the Magic Happens

I remember being back in school and my mom telling me it was time to wake up. Then, as is true now, I was not a morning person. I’d lie in bed until the last possible moment with the covers … Continue reading

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100 Happy Days

One hundred days ago, I accepted a challenge from a friend that 71% of all people who start don’t complete. It was simple: to take time every day for 100 days to pause to focus on a happy moment and … Continue reading

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What Does Marriage Mean to You?

Depending on your life experience, the word “marriage” may conjure blissful images of a white dress, fairy tale honeymoons, and happily ever after. For others, it may bring up hurtful images of fighting and ultimately of dismantling a life that … Continue reading

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Why Live in Oklahoma? It’s an Okie Thing and Apparently Some of You Wouldn’t Understand

I’m a born and raised Oklahoman. I’ve read several comments this week online from people asking why we would choose to live in a place known as Tornado Alley. Some have gone so far as to imply that we “have … Continue reading

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Baby on Board

It had been a long week of meetings in San Francisco and I was relieved to finally be on board for the non-stop evening flight back home to Oklahoma City. I missed my kids, my husband, and my bed.  My … Continue reading

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Love in the Bullseye

With so many friends’ marriages unraveling around me lately, I find myself even more thankful than usual for my incredible husband, Justin. For both us, it’s our second marriage and the decision to divorce our first spouses was a heart … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Mile and All that Jazz

Ah, Chicago, how I love you so! Last week, I got to take my fifth trip to Chicagoland which was a work trip for my husband, Justin and part work/part vacation for me. Justin attends a trade show right after … Continue reading

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