I’m a born and bred Oklahoma girl. I’ve lived there all of my life, although I have left the state enough to know that there’s a great big world out there. I love to see new places, meet interesting people, try good food (no dishes including crickets-or insects of any kind for that matter) and just have fun.

I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet. Now before you begin to disagree with me, just know that one of my best friends is an attorney so some of her courtroom skills have rubbed off on me so you probably won’t win this one. You may think your man is better. I’ll let you think that, too. But he isn’t better than mine.

We have two sons who are very handsome, brilliant, witty, entertaining and modest. They’re going to grow up to be very successful rock stars or doctors so we can retire early and they can support us.

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