Be Somebody

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I want to share something that’s been on my mind lately. I think we often underestimate the impact that we can make in this world. We may not all be the next MLK but we can start to make a difference today right in your community or circle of friends. The next time you see a need, instead of thinking, “Somebody should do something about that.”

Realize, you are somebody.


You don’t have to be wealthy, have tons of time on your hands, or even have everything in your life in perfect order to help others. All you have to do is practice saying “yes”. Commit. Realize that you can do it!

When you give to others, the rewards you’ll receive are far greater. So, the next time you see a need, don’t just say you’re sending support or send a prayer (those are a good start). Push yourself to do more. If you have the means, provide a meal for a friend who’s sick (gift cards are always appreciated if you don’t cook), give a few bucks to a worthy GoFundMe or fundraiser, volunteer your time to a cause you believe in, host a party for a friend’s start up business, volunteer to babysit/pet sit, or find any other way you invest your time.

If you literally can’t find any time or money, even sharing events on social media for an organization that’s important to you can help. Something as small as a handwritten note card through snail mail can brighten someone’s day in a way that a text can’t.

The next time someone takes that hard step to ask, “Can somebody help?”

Be somebody.

Happy trails,


About Rock & Roam with J&J

He is a musician/photographer for fun and a sales guy for work. She loves to write and is financial marketing. Together, they have built a life complete with two kids and two dogs. They love to travel as much as possible. You never know when life will throw you a curveball so live it now. Don't wait.
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